Cosi Helly Englisch
Hommage to friendship and childhood

The label is a homage to my friendship with my best friend Cosima. For 25 years, we were inseparable, pacing through life together through thick and thin. Not even the long distance between Hamburg and Dusseldorf broke up our deep relationship. The fact that we couldn’t see each other or talk on the phone during every waking moment, we discovered the advantages of writing quick text messages via WhatsApp – with many of our emotions expressed via that of the Happy Faces. Who’s not loving them? Those little friends tell more than a thousand words. So the idea of the Happy Faces came to my mind. The best way to do so, was to implement those funny and playful Faces in our modern age of digital revolution by putting them around our necks or wrists, so you can always change the way you express your mood by simply changing the icon of your necklace. Hence the SO COSI was born.
The art of our craft shall provide the collectors the opportunity for emotional expression. They can prepare or dress for every situation that life present’s to us, be it one of extreme joy, or alternatively to complement your colours during those darker days. The thinking behind this project is supposed to motivate both the young and old not to take every situation they face in live to serious; or alternatively to encounter the difficult situations with a smile on their face. Hence the jewellery should be fun and match to every situation of your life. The label starts with classics like the famous hashtag, the wide grinning face, the kiss-donating or the beloved one, only seeing hearts and nothing else. This way, you can surprise your best friend, your sister, your mother or yourself and show them how unique this relationship really is.